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Pure SQL based

Based on all known SQL syntax and conventions. At the core, datasquirel utilizes direct SQL mapping system, it's essentially running SQL queries through an API

Full Database Clonning

Clone a database and keep all properties and schema of the origin database updated in real time. This feature makes it easy to spawn a dev and a production database, and keep them in sync, while separating their indivaidual tables' content.

Realtime Tables Clonning

You can clone two tables in two different databases, and keep them in sync with any changes you make to the schema of the parent table. Like database clonning, this only applies to the table schema: field names, indexes, etc.

Powerful API integration

Query data effortlessly from any environment using our tightly integrated, easy-to-use, secure REST API integration. All SQL syntax work seamlessly with our API directly out of the box.

Data Security

Your data is safely stored behind the best and most efficient encryption system. Data encryption is also available for datatypes: VARCHAR and all TEXT. All encrypted data will be decrypted on demand, and is only stored in encrypted format.

Easy export and Migration

Want to take your database to another platform? You can export each database using SQL migration provisions, and run a migration script on your new platform, using SQL migration syntax.
Cloud storage on a whole new level

All your data storage needs in one place

Datasquirel solves the hassle of storing data across different platforms using a centralized, easy-to-use, SQL-based cloud database administration system. Now you can have all your data in one place and retrieve from any location or environment using HTTP REST API calls and SQL queries.

Built from ground up with core basic priciples

Doing the basics and doing it right

The main purpose of a database is to do three main things: Create, Store, and Retrieve. Datasquirel focuses on these basic tasks and simplifies it as much as possible, then builds on them to make your data management even more robust.

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Create databases, tables, columns, rows, fields, entries. Datasquirel uses all conventional SQL methods and query system for creating databases and entries: both for the GUI and for the REST api.
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Store data in different formats as compatible with SQL standards. Integers, varchars, text. In addition datasquirel provides a media storage platform for easy and quick storage of images.
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Get sotred data from anywhere. Using SQLs powerful query system you can run queries directly via REST api with just a few lines of code. For stored media you have access to images and thumbnail links which you can view anywhere.
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